Frequently asked questions

What is Conferendo?

It is your key to a better online communication. Conferendo can increase not only the quality, but also the quantity of your communication, by giving you a chance to meet new friends anywhere on the globe.

Conferendo is a compact, user-friendly, and absolutely free software application that turns your desktop or laptop into a videoconferencing station. After a quick download and registration, you will be able to hear and see people across the hall or across the ocean, in real-time, as if they are sitting in front of you.

Conferendo provides the whole variety of video conferencing modes you might ever need with a superb quality and has very low requirements for your bandwidth and hardware. You can even use Conferendo on your phone!

Why do I need to register with Conferendo?

Conferendo uses Conferendo IDs to connect users as well as to communicate with our users for notification and issue resolution. Additionally, on a slightly more technical note, Conferendo is not a Peer-to-Peer network. In fact, it is a brokered network, where the Conferendo servers enable a robust quality of service layer on top of the unpredictable Internet.

Is my privacy protected?

We regard our member's privacy as one of our most important values.

We never SPAM our users. We protect member's information and do not disclose it to any third parties. Your email will never be disclosed.

The most current version of our Privacy Policy is always available for your review on our website and should give you confidence whenever you use Conferendo.

Is Conferendo free?

Registration for Conferendo, download of the latest Conferendo software, joining the Conferendo community and participating in all types of video conferences and creation of group conferences for up to 3 participants (3x3) and broadcasts with one speaker (1x120) is always entirely free of charge, no matter if you're the one calling or the one being called.

We can also provide you with a premium service which will additionally allow you to create group video conferences for up to 6 persons (6x6) and initiate video broadcast with two speakers (2x120) for as low as $9.95/month.

How can I edit my profile?

Log on to the website and click on My Page to display your personal information. Then click on the Edit Profile button at the bottom of the page, and make the desired changes to your profile data.

Click on Save to save your updated profile and go back to the profile display screen.

Note: if you change your email you will need to verify it again.

How to change an avatar?

You can choose any picture of yourself - for example, a photo or a graphical representation - as your Avatar. You have two ways to set your avatar. First one is to use Take picture button in Conferendo application: use it to take realtime snapshot from your camera and then select Upload to my profile option to set this resized snapshot as your avatar.

The second one is to upload avatar directly from your Edit Profile page. Uploaded picture would be resized to 160x120 pixels.

Note: avatars with explicit or adult content wouldn't be tolerated.

What should I do to block calls from people I don't know?

You have two options. First one is to set appropriate checkbox in Conferendo application settings. This will block ability to call you for every user who is not in your Address Book.

And the second is to become invisible on public pages and disappear from search results of Conferendo site by leaving Community. By doing this your profile, avatar, posts and photos will never appear on pages which are not related to you.

What should I do if someone abuse me?

First of all we really sorry if one of our users make you feel uncomfortable or even abuse you. We are very concerned about the peace of mind of our users.

To prevent this please add that user to your Black List, by doing this you mark him as potentially dangerous for others. Next time he or she wouldn't be able to bother you or somebody else. Thank you!

How Conferendo prevents abuse?

Conferendo limit's service and site usage for users with behavior bothering other users. If you have been restricted in either way please contact support.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account on Edit Profile page by clicking on Delete Conferendo account link.

I am having difficulties with Conferendo. What should I do?



What is Community? community is a social network of users of Conferendo application which is based on their profiles, news, photos and blogs. Community allows to search for new friends and communicate to each other through Conferendo calls, comments and personal messages.

It is important to understand, when you join Community that your profile automatically appears in public lists of our users and begin to be available for search by other users in Community.

Why should I join Community?

If you would like to be invisible on site for people who are not your friends and don't want to recieve calls from other interesting people from our community, simply leave Community on the Preferences Page.

But if you are interested in making friends from around the world or communicating with other people with similar interests, make your profile public. Everyone is waiting for you!

How to join to the Community?

You can join Community during registration process or on your Preferences Page.

Please note that until your Email address wouldn't be verified you can't join the community.

How to leave Community?

You can leave Community on your Preferences Page.

Why I couldn't join Community?

We don't allow users with not verified Email address to join Community. Please verify your account.



How can I find other Conferendo users?

If you are not in Community you can only search for your friends by exact email or Conferendo ID.

If you join Community you will have opportunity to search new friends from around the World by country, gender, name, age, etc. and have multiple results!

The search form is located on Community Page.

Why can't I search for users?

To use search you need to verify your account. If your account is verified and search is still not available please contact support.



Does Conferendo support any other Languages?

Conferendo application currently supports English, German, French, and Russian.

You can easily select a language other than these four by going to the Setup > Languages menu in the Conferendo application.

You can change the language selection at any time, and your application will be reconfigured immediately without the need for restarting.

How can I clear the Call History?

Unfortunately there is no way to clear your call history at the moment. We are working on this.

Does Conferendo has the Chat History?

Yes it has. To enable it make sure that you have Store chat history checkbox enabled in your Chat Preferences (Settings -> Preferences -> Chat).

Open chat window of the person whom chat history you are looking for and click on clock icon located on the top of that window. Chat History window will open and you will see all the chat history you have with that person since checkbox Store chat history was enabled.

How can I clear the Chat History?

That's simple. Open context menu in the chat history window by clicking on the right mouse button and select Clear.



What is a group conference?

You can create or join a multi video chat with several users at the same time.

For example, the mode '6x6' is open, which means six people can see and hear each other. Each user see's five chat partners, as well as himself. The window divides into six parts. You can switch off the sound or video from each user, if you don't like the quality.

At this point, your internet link load is several times greater than usual and the overall traffic grows. Your PC's processor usage is also higher than usual.

How can I start a group conference?

Press the button 'Group Conference' in your Conferendo client. A window with the Conference Wizard appears. The Wizard contains two users lists and also allows you to select desired type of video conference.

The list on the left contains your address book contacts. The right-hand one is initially empty. If you mark a contact's name on the left-hand list and press the arrow button (or just double-click the contact's name), the arrow goes to the right. At the bottom of the Wizard window there is a button labeled "Start Group Conference" click it to start video conference.

After the initial session, the users listed on the right get invitations, which they can either accept or decline.

Who is a host in a group conference?

The initiator of a group conference becomes its "master" (host) for as long as the conference lasts. Once the host leaves the conference (breaks off conversation), the conference is considered as over and all participants are disconnected.

How can I join a group conference?

All you have to do is contact a host. If the host agrees (and if there's room for another user), you're in.

How can I leave a group conference?

The same way as you would leave an ordinary video chat. Just press the 'red tube' button.

I'm not the host, but I'm got out of the conference (for example the connection is lost). Can I return?

Yes, if the conference is not over yet (i.e., if the host hasn't left) and there are still free places. Call the host and ask to rejoin.

How many people can use the group conference at one time now?

Up to 120 users can participate in group conference using 2x120 conference mode. In this mode only two users are visible and active all other users are spectators.

In 6x6 mode you can invite up to 5 another users to your conference. You will see 6 video windows and each user could see and hear everybody else.

I can hear some users better than others. Can I do something about that?

You can adjust the sound volume for each user. Just point the your mouse at the user's window and select Volume Level from the opening menu. This configuration is only for your PC and doesn't affect the other users.

How far the channels loading changes within a group conference?

Incoming traffic grows in direct proportion to the number of users you see. So if you chat with three people, your traffic triples, as compared with a simple video call. Outgoing traffic remains as usual.

How is a group conference designed?

The conference is supported by our server. During the conference you are connected only with it. That's why your traffic is used more wisely and effectively.

Can I see the group conference in full screen mode?

Yes. Simply click the 'Full Screen' button.

Can I change the order of the users' windows in a group conference?

Yes, you can. Just drag and drop a window to whatever place you choose.



Can I return money for a paid service?

Yes*, you can cancel the service you have paid for and ask for refund within 7 days after the payment. We will issue a refund for you without any questions.

Your money would be refunded in the same manner they have come to us. Our commission for a refund is equal to amount the pay system has charged us to receive your payment.

After 7 days you still can ask us for a refund, though you need to prove that.

You can ask for a refund only once for each type of the paid services we provide. We don't process refunds for not verified accounts.

How can I ask for refund?

Please open you payments history page and click on the Cancel and refund link under service you want to cancel.

When I will receive my money back?

We follow your request for a refund to the payment system you have used to pay us immediately. Usually it took up to 30 days for them to charged back the money to your account.
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