VideoPort VCS 3.0 - a new software product for business video conferencing

Опубликовано 23.05.2010 VZO Team
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We are proud to present to you a new major release of our server product named VideoPort VCS 3.0.

As you might know whole VZOchat service is running on such software servers located around the globe.

This new release is a successor of a previous versions of our servers (VideoPort SBS/SBS Plus/Enterprise), which contain all the features we have provided before and much more.

Our software video conferencing servers are well known for their quality and rich functionality. They were designed to work in distributed and/or secured networks. VideoPort VCS can work off-line without any Internet connection required, however you can allow it to join distant parties over the Internet.

    VideoPort VCS 3.0 change log:
  • maximum number of the participants of multipoint video conferencing (in which all the participants can see and hear each other) has reached 16 people;
  • number of a video meeting participants can be now up to 90 people;
  • you can arrange video windows in a way you want it and enlarge/minimize any window with a single mouse click;
  • text chat obtained history and smiles;
  • PowerPoint presentations can be seamlessly streamed in a slide show;
  • any type of conference can be created directly from a client application;
  • sound quality and automatic gain control algorithms were significantly improved!

And the most important feature to you is a new licensing mechanism which will allow you to buy only those options you really need. It's very flexible, don't hesitate to check it out!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us call or leave your comments!

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