What is too much care?

Опубликовано 27.06.2009 planetstars
Настроение: weak, very weak. Музыка: A Very Special Love (Sarah Geronimo).

When someone is sick, will you keep calling and keep asking "How are you doing?","Have you taken medication?", "Are you feeling better" or anything like that?

Will you try to make him take various medications, thinking they will speed up the recovery?

No..... That's not care...That is annoying and that will make the person feels very uncomfortable and make him more sick.

Aren't you suppose to get the food and medication ready for him, then quietly stay next to him, make yourself available when he needs you, give him enough time to rest well, so he can feel better soon?

Same principal...when people said something is good for you, but, if you keep eating too much of it, you will get sick. Just remember, anything when it is too much it becomes poison.

Never over do anything!




planetstars на 16.09.2010 сказал:

Yeah...never over do anything.......

but what is over?

How do you know is over?

If they don't want your care, just a little tiny bit is too much,

If they hate you, just a "Hi" is too much. :-(



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