What's new in Conferendo 6.4

16-05-2013 တြင္ တင္ထားသည္။ conferendo

    Rebranding of VZOChat into Conferendo also included the following improvements:
  • Application layout redesigned in Windows 8 style;
  • Now compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8;
  • Video resolution in conferences increased to 640x480 px.;
  • Ability to switch audio/video devices on the fly during a conference;
  • Full-screen mode now has a button to switch camera on/off;
  • Improved echo cancellation in group conferences;
  • Improved audio/video quality in all types of conferences;
  • Icons for expressing opinion in multipoint conferences;
  • Increased video recording resolution and quality;
  • Chat window does not close in case of losing server connection;
  • Authorization and registration via social networks;
  • Dynamic drop-down list of users in the dial line;
  • Social plugin in the left side of the main window of the application;
  • Updated tariff plans: free symmetric conferencing for 3 endpoints and free broadcasting for 20 people;
  • Updated friend search form;
  • Hot keys for switching audio/video devices on and off;
  • Option to mirror self-view image;
  • Member signatures in group conferences;
  • Double-click for full-screen mode.


on 01-01-0001 ေျပာသည္။
bjgwocdo on 24-01-2015 ေျပာသည္။

no color ?مرحبا بكم

Lovebaby Full on 12-11-2014 ေျပာသည္။


esamnas on 07-11-2014 ေျပာသည္။


al_may on 04-04-2014 ေျပာသည္။

esta aplicacion esta muy buena tip

marceln on 08-10-2013 ေျပာသည္။

no color ?

daegyi7312 on 02-10-2013 ေျပာသည္။


develdevel on 09-07-2013 ေျပာသည္။
> Вопрос: бесплатное использование только 14 дней ? Если так - то мне с вами не по пути. давай со мной!
nadiimkariim1 on 01-07-2013 ေျပာသည္။
Can any one tell me how can see my address book on conferendo i cant my all contacts on my address book??
SMirnov on 25-06-2013 ေျပာသည္။

Вопрос: бесплатное использование только 14 дней ? Если так - то мне с вами не по пути.

Все бесплатное бессрочно, ссылка с сайта


shameemalam on 15-06-2013 ေျပာသည္။

please add option for HD support 1280x720 and 1920x1080

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