Conferendo Plus $9.95/month

A plus version of Conferendo allows you to create 6x6 and role based video conferences and has free my guests subscription.

  • V All Free Conferendo Features
  • V Video Conferences 6x6 and 2x120
  • V Role Based Video Conferences
  • V Video Broadcasts
  • V My Guests Subscription
  • V Customer Care

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TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server allows to conduct business video conferences and use a variety of collaboration tools.

  • V Works in private networks (LAN/VPN)
  • V Group and Role-Based Video Conferences
  • V WebRTC-Broadcasting
  • V Supports Full HD and SVC Video
  • V Reliable Security with SSL and AES-256
  • V LDAP-Integrated
  • V Assigned User Rights
  • V Slide Show and Presentations
  • V Whiteboard
  • V Screen Sharing

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