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at home in myanmar


ayemyintmyinttun on 8/17/2008 says:
sexy but i don't like sexy really. i want you as a cute gril.i think cute is better.
chitkothidar on 8/19/2008 says:
sis,,,,i also agree this.But anyway U looks sexy as well as cute. Take care yr study sis. Yours sis, m
kozilla on 8/19/2008 says:
Nic pic sis..8)
aungpan1970 on 10/11/2008 says:
very nice picture,,,,,i like ur picture.
szlinnhtet9 on 10/31/2008 says:
thx for all of ur comment !!!!!!
phyophyoo on 1/15/2009 says:

Smilekawaii girl ! want to be fri with u .....

kiss2u on 3/19/2013 says:


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