Nearly my birthday 50year old

Posted on 8/19/2010 by ntwin007
Mood: good.

I thought it best to hold my peace despite my gut feelings to do other wise.  Now, I can get time a little!  The feelling I can't forget.I want to say grandPa and grand ma ,but they were sleeping rest,peace and joy.So I did not say them.If I say , they will be  ,,,,,,that i worry for them.I belive I have only one good friend,Mrs,Clous  .MrsSantaClors is good friend  for me , I love him.I know Mrs,Clous when I young life from till now.Every Christmas time I can see him.        Dear  Mrs,Clous,sometime if I get time ,i come here I  say with you about me some ,1.embarasing  2.polpitation  3.lieing  4. feel bitter  5.inconsolation         6. suprising   7.wanted to hear a lie  from my,,,,, 8. froodome and relex of mind   9.sympatny  10.  feeling of  frustrated .11.  Wont to face and sole the problem,,,,act.

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